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Basic Editing

Last-mile edits and misconfigurations fixes that will save you time.


Better Kubernetes configurations requires an understanding of the deployment, a list of misconfigurations, and the ability to easily make changes to fix them. The Monokle Cloud editor builds on the experience of our Desktop application to help you do exactly this and help you move towards zero misconfigurations.



Monokle Cloud makes it easier to work with Kubernetes configurations. Common misconfigurations originate from referencing non-existing objects. The editor highlights all the references and will give indications when one is missing.

In addition to out-of-the-box autocomplete and documentation, misconfigurations are highlighted with documentation on how to solve them, you can use quick actions to filter by kind, namespace or label, and more.


Monokle uses the same code editor that powers Visual Studio Code. This familiarity allows you to feel efficient from day one. Learn to use the editor by checking out the VS Code documentation. Do note that cloud editing currently resolves around existing code modifications: adding and removing files is coming soon.

Source Control

Working within the browser does not mean you have to compromise on your Git workflows. Changes are tracked in source control which you can view in the Git activity. Stage your desired changes and commit them afterwards. Your changes will be committed remotely and pulled.

When you make changes you can also use the quick action in the IDE Header to commit all your changes. Each time you commit, you will also have the option to immediately start a pull request for a seamless experience with your git provider.

Pull Requests

You can view your pull requests directly from within Monokle Cloud to checkout the branch and compare the changes against the target branch. You can directly compare the resulting Helm Charts of your pull request's branches.