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Monokle Cloud Documentation

Get an overview of Monokle Cloud and learn how to get the most out of our features.


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Why Monokle?

Kubernetes might just be the best thing since sliced bread! While it has a rather steep learning curve, the flip side of the coin are incredible flexibility and features such as service discovery, cluster orchestration, self-healing capabilities, auto-scaling and much more.

Monokle aims to flatten that curve for you through guardrails. This might benefit you given that the latest RedHat state of Kubernetes security report indicates that 93% of environments had at least one security incident and 53% of those relate to detecting misconfiguration which sometimes lead to revenue or customer loss.

Key Features

Monokle combines an IDE with static analysis to help you move towards zero misconfigurations:

  • Detects and highlights misconfigurations directly in your code.
  • 100+ build-in rules and write custom rules with great DX.
  • Policy Manager for consistency and compliance across the board.
  • Code editor with enhanced Kubernetes tools and IntelliSense.
  • Helm and Kustomize Dry Runs from within the browser.
  • Real-time collaboration with presence, shareable URLs, and multi-player editor.
  • Integrates with VS Code, Monokle Desktop or in your terminal through the CLI.

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