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Why Monokle?

Creating compliant and secure Kubernetes deployments that don't put your infrastructure and end-users at risk is a difficult and time-consuming task.

Monokle is a Policy Platform for Kubernetes that helps you create secure Kubernetes deployments throughout the entire application lifecycle – from code to cluster.

The Monokle platform includes:

  • A Policy Management Console for defining, deploying and auditing policies to be used across all your teams and projects.
  • A set of components to enforce policies across the entire application lifecycle:
    • Before you commit, using the Monokle VS-Code Plugin, Monokle CLI or Monokle Desktop/Web IDEs.
    • Before you deploy, in your CI/CD workflows and pipelines using the Monokle CLI or GitHub App.
    • In your clusters, using the Monokle Admission Controller, or Monokle Desktop for real-time cluster misconfiguration detection and remediation.

The Monokle Policy Enforcement Pipeline

Key Features for Policy Enforcement

Static Analysis

  • Validate your Kubernetes configuration YAMLs to ensure secure and compliant deployments. Learn more.
  • Apply auto-fixes for identified misconfigurations. Learn more.
  • Define suppressions for expected and allowed problems. Learn more.

Centralized Policies

  • Define policies using industry frameworks and 100+ validation rules for security, resource usage and compliance. Learn more.
  • Create custom validation plugins and rules for compliance with team and project requirements.Learn More
  • Track policy compliance over time to see how your teams are progressing towards zero misconfigurations.


  • Render Helm and Kustomize dry-runs to ensure compliance with defined policies. Learn more.
  • Automatically re-render dry-runs when reconfiguring or fixing misconfigurations.
  • Compare differences in dry-runs between environments and branches. Learn more.

Validate Anywhere

  • Use the VS-Code Extension to validate your local YAML files.
  • Use the Monokle CLI to make policy enforcement a part of any CI/CD workflows.
  • Use the GitHub Bot to add Pull Request Checks for validation resources.
  • Use the Monokle Admission Controller to ensure only valid resources are deployed in your clusters.
  • Use Monokle Desktop to identify, troubleshoot and fix runtime misconfigurations in your clusters and local projects.

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