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Quality happens when we put our heads together.


Modern infrastructure is not run by individuals. One of our powerful, time-saving features is the ability to easily collaborate on your Kubernetes configuration. You can share URLs to your editor, see who else is present in your repository.


Shareable URLs

Start collaboration simply by sharing your browser's URL. What makes this feature powerful is that no matter whether you are currently editing, comparing or auditing either direct source code or a dry runs, the recipient of your URL will end up with the same view up to the exact line number.

Activity Presence

You can see a presence indicator in the IDE header whenever someone else is working in your repository. Start collaborating by clicking their indicator and you will view the currently selected code.

Multi-player editor (alpha)

Join the session to see highlighted code and edits done by other members of your project. Multi-player editing makes it trivial to collaborate in real-time, to clarify the meaning of a property or to fix a misconfiguration.